10 Tips For Upping Your Productivity

It’s all too easy to sit down to “work” and do anything but. Distractions from outside and within can grind you to a halt before you even get started.

Dumb Little Man offers a plethora of tips to eliminate the noise and focus. Here are 10 of the most effective suggestions:

* Plan ahead. Sketch out a work schedule and stick to it religiously, not allowing yourself to stray from the path.

* Don’t fear failure. You won’t do perfect work. Accept that fact and then forge ahead, pledging to double back and improve it afterward.

* Say “no” more often than your instinct demands. Accepting busywork with little upside only derails you from your main objectives.

* Sleep at home. A tired mind makes for a dysfunctional work day.

* Eat right. Frequent trips to the bathroom and the burden of hunger pangs both keep you from doing your best.

* Take breaks. If you focus too hard for too long, you’ll receive diminishing returns. Step aside to recharge.

* Stay at home when you’re sick. And don’t call in when you’re not sick so your employer will believe you when you need to stay in bed.

* Play to your strengths. Focus on parts of your job that you’re good at and stay away from your weaknesses.

* Don’t make a habit of wasting time. Squander your time too often and it will become routine. Make it the rule rather than the exception to do something productive as often as possible.

* Hold yourself to a higher standard. Don’t just scrape by doing the minimum. Demand higher performance than whatever you’ll need to get that next raise or avoid the next layoff.

27 Productivity Killers: Why Nothing Ever Gets Done! [Dumb Little Man]

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