You'll Probably Be Caught Forging A $285K Check To Hire A Private Jet For Whirlwind Trip

One might think no one would notice more than half a million dollars leaking out of company accounts, but in the case of two roommates in California, you’d be really, really wrong.

Two women from Orange County have been charged with forging a $285,000 check from the law firm where one of them worked to hire a private jet and fly to New York City for a shopping spree.

The ladies threw down cash on the jet, then rented five rooms at a Times Square hotel rooms and went shopping at Tiffany and Co. and Montblanc, says the L.A. Times.

But that’s not all! They also put down a $233,000 deposit on a house using two fraudulently obtained cashier’s checks, say prosecutors. Police think they just wanted to crash in the house during the holidays and have some fun, but were nabbed while they were still in NYC.

“These women were already deep in debt and wanted to enjoy life without any cares for a while,” Cypress Police Det. Greg Faessel said.

Hope it was worth it, ladies!

Friends’ spending spree in New York buys trouble [L.A. Times]

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