10 Quick, Clever Household Tricks

The ability to turn junk into useful tools is what separates man from beast. Read this post and you’ll discover how walnuts can smooth out wood scratches and cereal bowls can double as MP3 player amps.

If Angus MacGyver took a crack and homemaking, he’d come up a list of suggestions much like that of the The Daily Buzz. Here are some of our favorites:

* Use WD-40 to clean crayon marks off TV and computer monitor screens.

* Wrap a rubber band around a sliced apple to keep it intact in a lunchbox.

* Pack bedsheets inside the pillowcases that go with them to avoid losing track of them.

* To amplify an MP3 player’s sound, place it in a bowl.

* Use baby powder to get sand off your skin at the beach.

* Strap light stuff to your closet’s ceiling with wire to save shelf and floor space.

* Mount a magnetic strip inside a bathroom cabinet door to hold bobby pins and nail clippers.

* Pack shoes inside of shower caps to keep them from getting your clothes dirty in suitcases.

* Snap bread tags on power cords to keep track of what goes with what.

* Freeze aloe vera in ice trays and pull out the cubes to ease sunburns.

25 clever ideas to make life easier [The Daily Buzz]

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