Before You Buy Anything, Answer These Questions

You’ll be surprised at what you’ll end up with when you’re zoned out and shopping on autopilot. The key to keeping meaningless, useless purchases off your ledger is to be more mindful when you’ve got money to burn.

Mocha Money suggests asking yourself a number of questions before you go through with any purchase. Here are a few:

* Is it cheaper somewhere else? There’s rarely a need to spend more on an item when you can do a little homework to find it cheaper. Often, the delay in making a purchase makes you question whether or not it’s necessary, which leads us to the next question:

* Do I really need it? Unless you’re replenishing the supply of something you use often, there’s a good chance you don’t really need whatever it is you’re about to get. If you’ve gotten by this long without whatever it is you’re about to buy, identify what’s changed that requires you to buy this thing now.

* Can I borrow this from a friend? This applies to books and movies, which you’ll usually experience one time before sticking on a shelf for years. The same goes for expensive tools you plan to use on a one-time project.

7 Smart Questions To Ask Before Buying Anything [Mocha Money]

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