3 Steps To Make Yourself More Approachable At Professional Gatherings

The organized chaos of a business conference or other professional networking activity can be daunting. Potentially life-improving connections are there for the forging, but it takes the right approach to come away from a meet-market with something to show for your time.

Writing at The Savvy Intern, Rachael suggests preparations to get the most out of mingling opportunities:

* Wear something weird. If you’re the guy with the pink tie or the girl with the funky hat, you’ve given yourself an identifiable trait that makes it easier for others to approach you and introduce you to others.

* Say hi. The simple act of greeting someone with a smile is enough to start a conversation. Sure, the approach is awkward, but once you’ve made the first move it’s easy to slip into a comfort zone.

* Inject personality into your business cards. Getting creative with design elements, or even doing something as simple as adding your picture to them, goes far in allowing people you run into to remember who you are. Exchanging cards also provides a way to show interest in someone you’ve just met.

On Being a Noob at Networking Events and Conferences [The Savvy Intern]

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