Make Sure You're Not Sitting And Typing Your Way To Injury

Although sitting and staring a monitor all day for work doesn’t seem to be strenuous, the monotony of an office job can break you down physically. Proper form and equipment can keep desk jockeying from wearing on you.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration recommends keeping 90-degree angles in mind when sitting, because injuries come from odd angles. Make sure you’re sitting upright and not slouched, that your legs are touching the floor straight below your knees and your monitor is directly in front of your eyes. Also, position your keyboard so your elbows bend at 90 degrees as you type. Such positioning gives you the most support and least awkwardness.

There are adjustments you can make that allow you to stand while working or recline in your chair. If there are physical problems with your desk setup, you should tell your supervisor or the human resources department. Employers would usually do anything within reason to stop themselves from dealing with health problems down the line.

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