In Tight Times, Parents Can Use New Site To Rent Toys For Kids

As many parents know, plenty of toys is still never enough — there always seems to be some must-have gadget out there your kids will clamor for. A few readers have called our attention to a new toy-renting website that could help parents with their kids’ neophyte tendencies.

It’s called Toygaroo, and as Boston’s WBZ-TV reports, parents can choose from varying amounts of toys, from the cheapest box of four toys for $24.99 that can be exchanged every 60 days, up to a box of eight toys for $52.99 that can be swapped out every month. It’s like Netflix in that you add certain items to your wish list, and as they become available they’ll be added to your next shipment. Shipping is free, as well.

But of course, there’s that “gross, someone else touched/chewed on/ingested this toy” factor. Toygaroo says they sanitize each piece before it goes out to a new temporary owner.

And if your kids gets particular attached to a toy, you can buy it at a discounted price so you aren’t subject to a screaming tantrum when it’s time to send it back. We suggest packing up toys to be shipped back after Joey Jr. is in bed.

Parents Can Rent Toys At New Website [CBS Boston]

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