Laptops May Slaughter Sperm In More Ways Than One

As we’ve previously pointed out, research has shown the heat from laptop use can raise the temperature of the testes and damage sperm of users who place the machines on their lap. Now researchers have found that a laptop’s WiFi signal is also a member of the sperm assassination squad.

The Daily Mail relays results from the study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, which found that 25 percent of the sperm in men using WiFi-connected laptops stopped moving, compared to a 14 percent figure for the men who weren’t near a WiFi signal. The results also suggested that the signal also caused DNA damage in sperm.

If these results hold water, this means that laptops not only kill off sperm by overheating them, but by radiating them to death. This can be either fantastic or devastating news, depending on whether or not you see parenthood in your future.

Radiation from WiFi connections can reduce sperm activity in up to a quarter of men, study finds [Daily Mail via The Awl]

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