Another Video Game Magazine Dies An Agonizing Death

Kids who tagged along with their parents on grocery store trips in the early 1990s just to spend the duration in the magazine aisle paging through GamePro magazine will have to kiss another piece of their childhoods goodbye. After abandoning the monthly format for a quarterly model this year, the magazine has ceased production entirely. Also, the website will shut down by Dec. 6.

Parent company IDG broke the news to Industry Gamers, strongly hinting that the GamePro staff would be laid off. There will be a GamePro channel on sister site, PCWorld.

The gloomy news pairs follows last week’s revelation that Future Publishing, which publishes Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power and @Gamer, will be merging its U.S. and U.K. staffs and “accelerate the transition to digital media,” providing no specifics as to what that means for stateside employees or the print editions.

GamePro Is Dead [Industry Gamers]

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