Give Your Loved Ones The Holiday Gift Of Not Having To Buy You Crap

Do you want to kick your anti-consumerism crusade up a notch this holiday season? Two years ago, we introduced the Consumerist Anti-Gift Card, a handy card that explains why gift cards are stupid. Pair it with cash for a thoughtful and educational gift. This year, blogger Miss Minimalist takes the idea further, and offers readers a printable anti-gift certificate. As in, a certificate that instructs the recipient not to give you any gifts this year, and explains why.

The certificate is available in printable form:


Instead, she offers suggestions of meaningful ways to mark the holiday season without buying crap. Examples: spending time together, making a charitable donation in the person’s name, volunteering, or joining community celebrations.

It probably makes me a horrible person, but something about this makes me think about the “Human Fund” storyline from Seinfeld.

One Less Gift – A Holiday Gift Exemption Certificate [miss minimalist] (Thanks, Leslie!)

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