Steps You'll Need To Take To Train For A Marathon

The act of completing a marathon is a towering physical achievement you’ll be able to humblebrag about the rest of your life, but it’s not something you can just go out and do unless you’re in solid physical shape. (Excluding those who walk marathons and take half a day to finish.)

Getting into condition to run 26.2 miles is a marathon itself. Nutrition, mental concentration and a routine to build up your endurance are all key to getthing there. MarathonRookie has a seemingly comprehensive guide to whipping your body into getting ready for the long run.

Cutting to the chase, what’s most important is how long you’ll have to run, and how often. Sketching out a 16-week training regimen, the guide suggests embarking on a five-day-a-week running schedule, starting with lower amounts earlier in the week before building to long runs on Saturdays. The latter runs start at five miles in the first week and gradually build up to 20 miles in week 13.

Happy running, and remember to look both ways and give aggressive drivers dirty looks of superiority.

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