Food Carts Could Be Required To Post Letter Grades In New York

Diners in New York City are used to seeing letter grades posted in restaurant windows, which can act as an either an inducement to eat there or a turn-off. And now, one local politician wants to apply that same grade standard to food carts operating in the city.

Queens State Sen. Jose Peralta has drafted a bill he’s introducing this week that would require local health departments to come up with a letter-based scale, says the New York Post.

“Consumers should know if what they are eating meets certain safety standards,” he said. “If they have an ‘A,’ you’ll eat there. If they have a ‘C,’ maybe not.”

The grades could encourage previous health code-violators to clean up their acts, whether the food comes on a stick, in a pita or on a bun. Ostensibly, the standard could apply to the more “gourmet” food trucks as well as the carts.

Does sort of take the “Ooh not sure where this came from but I’m going to eat it anyway” thrill out of eating street meat, eh?

Queens pol calls for letter grades on food carts [New York Post]

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