Report: Google Analytics Can Reveal Identities Of Anonymous Bloggers

Those who harbor secret online identities may not be as anonymous as they think. Determined snoopers can potentially uncover bloggers with a little legwork and the use of Google Analytics.

For sport, a Wired writer uncovered the names and employers of several anonymous writers, including those who had taken measures to ensure they wouldn’t be identified. He writes that those who use the same Google Analytics ID for different sites can unwittingly expose themselves, thanks to free reverse lookup services. Sleuths can identify a blogger who uses the same Analytics ID on anonymous and non-anonymous sites.

The story says reverse lookup services have been available since 2009, but their existence and potential uses aren’t widely known among the anonymous blogging community. Those who have something to hide online would do well to investigate their exposure under this opening and cover tracks.

Andy Baio: Think You Can Hide, Anonymous Blogger? Two Words: Google Analytics [Wired]

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