The Six Million Dollar Man Is Hawking $300 Hearing Aids

We have evidently not been paying close enough attention to the world of as-seen-on-TV products. Because if we had, we would have reported that Lee Majors, star of the ’70s series “The Six Million Dollar Man” was hawking bionic ears over-the-counter hearing aids.

The show for which Majors is best known, of course, was about a test pilot who suffered devastating injuries and was rebuilt with bionic parts as part of a secret government project. In the ad, Majors talks about rechargeable hearing aids over footage of attractive silver-haired white people using the phone and listening to birds. The case/charger is emblazoned with “Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid.”

Hearing aids are kind of bionic, but let me know when I can be fitted with an eyeball that shoots lasers.

Buy the Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid – OFFICIAL SITE

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