BofA Says "Sorry" For Paying Your Real Estate Taxes Late

Banks are happy to jump all over you and ratchet up the fees when you’re late. But when they’re late, not so much.

They’ll even say that if the letter containing a payment arrived at their office after a certain cutoff point on a day, it’s late, even if it’s on-time in terms of calendar date. But what if a bank is late?

Well then it looks like it’s just a matter for shrugged shoulders! Rachel noticed Bank of America hadn’t paid her real estate taxes so she contacted them to find out what was up. A little while later, the mailed her a letter informing her that “On October 13, 2011, Bank of America, N.A., paid the county real estate tax installment due on October 01, 2011, in the amount of $1255.53.”


The taxes were due on October 1st, but the bank didn’t get around to paying them until October 13. Thanks, BofA!

Fair is fair, so the next letter from BofA will contain a check for their late fee, right?

Side note: I appreciate how Rachel did her own personal information redaction at home using post-it notes.

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