Cops Tell Town They Will Ignore Some 911 Calls Unless They Get More Gas Money

Police have told a North Carolina town that they could stop responding to 911 calls and investigating misdemeanors unless it provides more money to cover gas costs. The reduction in services could be the next cuts in Smithfield, after the force halved the number of patrol cars on duty during certain times.

The Raleigh News Observer reports the standoff is the latest in a series of disagreements between the police chief and town council, which is looking to save money wherever possible. The police are asking to redirect $30,000 in the town budget to pay for gas.

If the police don’t get the money, they could possibly stop responding to 911 calls from pay phones, as well as those that are hang-ups. The police would also stop addressing burglar alarms and patrolling areas of the town that are usually light on crime. Police might stop investigating some lesser crimes, dropping charges unless investigations discover felonies.

Town officials wants the department to find other cost-saving measures before going for the jugular.

Police budget conflict boils [Raleigh News Observer via AP, Fark]

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