Hooters Sues Twin Peaks Restaurant In Breastacular Battle

Prepare your best boob jokes, everyone, there’s a legal battle going down in the C-cup Corral between established stripmall mega-chain Hooters and an upstart restaurant named Twin Peaks.

Hooters has taken umbrage over the fact that Twin Peaks’ waitresses are also serving food while scantily clad, so they’re suing the restaurant in federal court, reports the Huffington Post. Hooters claims Twin Peaks, whose motto is “Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views,” has stolen trade secrets from them by way of a former executive.

After Hooters’ former vice president Joseph Hummel left to work on Twin Peaks, Hooters says he also brought along “sensitive business” information and used it to grow the business.

According to the suit, in the weeks leading up to his departure to Twin Peaks development partner La Cima Restaurants, Hummel downloaded and emailed to his private account a “substantial volume” of Hooters documents, including plans related to management, recruitment, distribution and sales.

Twin Peaks has 15 locations in five states (where servers hand out chicken wings in tan shorts and teeny tiny flannel bikini tops, totally different from Hooters!), whereas Hooters has about 400 nationwide, but they’re poised to open 35 more in the next 10 years.

Gotta wonder what David Lynch thinks about all of this.

Hooters Lawsuit Claims Rival Restaurant Stole Trade Secrets [Huffington Post]

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