Woman Who Stayed At Hotel For A Decade Finally Checks Out

A woman who first checked in to a Virginia Marriott more than 10 years ago has finally decided to move on. The company says she was the longest-term customer on record. The 79-year-old woman, who checked out after first moving into the hotel on Aug. 4 2001, chose to stay so long because the rate was cheaper than the $1,500 to $1,700 a month she would have had to dig up to rent an apartment in the nearby Washington, D.C. area.

According to CNN, the woman worked in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The free WiFi, security and housekeeping were attractive enough to keep her living in the room. She befriended staff to the extent that when she was hospitalized for a broken hip, the hotels’ general manager was there to greet her when she woke up after treatment.

She’s not quite going willingly. Medical troubles have forced her to move in with her daughter in upstate New York.

Hotel guest checks out after 10-plus years [CNN]

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