Pushing Your Way Onto A Plane Without A Ticket Is A Good Way To Get Arrested

Usually when we write about the cops being called to an airplane, it involves a ticketed passenger being forcibly removed from the jet. But in a nice change of pace, here’s the story of a man who allegedly thought he could just push his way onto a Southwest flight sans ticket.

The incident happened Tuesday night at Chicago’s Midway Airport, where a Southwest rep says the 33-year-old suspect “passed our gate agent forcefully and got into a plane.”

Authorities intervened and the man was arrested without incident and charged with criminal trespass to state land and criminal trespass to real property for trying to board the flight to Birmingham, Alabama.

No one is saying how the man got through the certainly airtight airport security checkpoint without the required ticket or boarding pass, but a TSA rep tells CBS Chicago that it “is reviewing the incident and working with the Chicago Police Department on the investigation.”

Man Arrested After Forcing His Way Onto Plane At Midway [CBSlocal.com]

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