Family With Crappy-Sounding Casio Piano Saved By… Best Buy?

Last Christmas, Jennifer bought her daughter a digital piano, and it hasn’t sounded very good since June or so. What sounds even worse is that manufacturer Casio and the local piano repair shop were dragging their feet on getting it working again before the one-year warranty was up. We shared this story a few weeks agoand things looked bleak…until Jennifer’s husband thought to call the retailer they had ordered the piano from: Best Buy.

I had to update you on the story you recently published about my Casio px-130 digital piano. Casio still sucks and I still haven’t heard any update from them, but turns out the hero in this story is Best Buy, and since they rarely get any glory on this site, I had to let you know.

My husband ended up calling our local Best Buy, and even though we bought it from Best Buy’s website nearly a year ago, they gave us the full value that we paid for the piano back on a gift card. They told us as long as it is still covered under a manufacturer warranty they will take it back, which we did not realize and would have saved a lot of hassle! We looked around and even briefly purchased a different piano, but in the end went back with the Casio again. I hope this one lasts better than the last, so I never have to deal with Casio’s repair service ever again. But thanks to Best Buy for stepping up to a problem that wasn’t really even theirs.

Nicely done, Best Buy. I hope they carry another nice digital piano made by someone other than Casio.

Casio Tries To Wait Out The Warranty On Crappy-Sounding Piano

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