People Are Back To Making Late Payments On Their Credit Cards

Two months ago, the number of people making late credit card payments was at its lowest since Justin Bieber was a twinkle in his parents’ eyes. Of course, when you reach a low like that, there is often nowhere to go but up.

According to CNN, some of the major credit card companies in the U.S. experienced a small uptick in the number of credit card payments that were at least 30 days late in September.

For example, the delinquency rate for Capital One customers is up to 3.65% from its 3.32% low in May. American Express, Discover, Chase and Bank of America all saw very slight increases (ranging from .01% to .1%)

For the moment, these late payments haven’t translated into an increase in defaults, which actually decreased in September. But if the late payment trend — however slight — continues, one would expect some of these late-payers to end up in default.

Late credit card payments back on the rise [Chicago Tribune]

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