Rejects Your Overbilling Complaint

Jeffrey was overbilled for a garbage disposal by Home Depot and had a bad experience with the service technician. Then, we he tried to submit a complaint about it through the Home Depot website, the site rejected his story and said it violated their terms of service agreement.

Jeffrey writes:

Home Depot told me that it would cost $189 for them to send out a plumber to install a garbage disposer in my kitchen sink. The bill came out reading $75 higher and fortunately I caught it and they rectified it. Then, the plumber didn’t know how to install the disposer. Fortunately, I had read the installation manual and told him how to do it. Naturally, I submitted this as part of my product review (I reviewed the disposer very favorably) and later Home Depot rejected my review saying it violated their terms.

Apparently the website’s terms of service don’t let you add in a review about how the service and installation of the part went, only a review of the product itself.

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