Rejects Your Overbilling Complaint

Jeffrey was overbilled for a garbage disposal by Home Depot and had a bad experience with the service technician. Then, we he tried to submit a complaint about it through the Home Depot website, the site rejected his story and said it violated their terms of service agreement.

Jeffrey writes:

Home Depot told me that it would cost $189 for them to send out a plumber to install a garbage disposer in my kitchen sink. The bill came out reading $75 higher and fortunately I caught it and they rectified it. Then, the plumber didn’t know how to install the disposer. Fortunately, I had read the installation manual and told him how to do it. Naturally, I submitted this as part of my product review (I reviewed the disposer very favorably) and later Home Depot rejected my review saying it violated their terms.

Apparently the website’s terms of service don’t let you add in a review about how the service and installation of the part went, only a review of the product itself.


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  1. cameronl says:

    That’s fair. The review is strictly for the product.

    • PsychoRaven says:

      Exactly. Nothing wrong with this. If you want to review the guy installing then go to yelp or a site like that.

    • jeadly says:

      Yeah, I hate it when there’s a review on Amazon that deals almost exclusively with the delivery or phone support of a product.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Not sure I disagree with this – I hate 1-star reviews on Amazon that complain about something not related to the product and the manufacturer, like complaints about Amazon’s shipping or that USPS was slow. The review should primarily be about the product itself, and – if it is pertinent – any issues with the company providing you the product.

    • Coffee says:

      Beat me to it, almost verbatim.

    • jivesukka says:

      I believe Home Depot has a separate phone line to call for the service as opposed to the product.

      I have to side with Home Depot. Sounds like someone who would review a movie then put a nasty remark about the theatre in their movie review.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      I agree. I hate when I’m shopping around for an item, and the Amazon score is skewed due to the customer service of the particular seller. But it happens for many reasons.

      Some people give 1 star reviews because an item doesn’t have features that are clearly no in the product description. Others give 1 star because they simply don’t know how to use the product.

      This is why, when sorting reviews of a (generally) well reviewed product, I read the negative ones first. I see if they are legit concerns, or are not relevant to the product itself.

    • yuber says:

      I believe you can leave a review for a product and, if the seller is not Amazon, a separate review about the seller.

  3. podunkboy says:

    So…go to some place like, review the local Home Depot, and mention that their contracted plumbers are unqualified idiots that shouldn’t be hired to do the job.

  4. Coffee says:

    The review is for the product, not the service. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to sift through 1-star reviews on because someone didn’t like how long something took to ship, or the box was dented, or their aunt bought them the wrong size and they had to send it back.

    • Sorta Kinda Lucky Soul says:


    • freelunch says:

      and also the one star reviews for the $1 generic part that is replacing some $40 item that broke on your car/dryer/fridge/etc and some idiot is complaining that the quality is ‘cheap’. No $h!t.

  5. dulcinea47 says:

    That seems fair, b/c the person installing your garbage disposal (or whatever) is not going to be the same person who overbilled & didn’t know how to install it who’s in a different state halfway across the country.

  6. Bruce W says:

    Great way to insure that there are no negative comments about their installation service!!!

  7. George4478 says:

    These shingles suck since the roofer fell of his ladder and is suing me.

  8. Cat says:

    Do another review without the installer complaint.

  9. Portlandia says:

    That actually makes 100% sense. It makes no sense to review the installer on the product information page. This would be like slamming a review on a Dell product because bestbuy screwed up your computer install. Way to go HD for keeping the reviews about the product themselves.

  10. anime_runs_my_life says:

    The rejection of the review I’m not surprised about. He needs to take it up with the manager of the Home Depot, not air his grievances on the website.

    As for Home Depot as a whole for getting something like a disposal installed? Forget it. The people don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Like saying we need a permit to shut the water off? Yeah..that’s why they saw us walk out and go up the street to the nearest Lowes.

  11. Rachacha says:

    I agree that teh comment on should be for the PRODUCT, not the customer service or installation. If you don’t like the service or installation, complain on yelp or similar sites.

    What is more concerning to me is a plumber, hired by HD, who did not know how to install a garbage disposal. A disposal is one of the easiest appliances to install, remove the existing pipe and fitting to the sink, install the new one for the disposal, realign the drain trap as necessary and you are done. The only difficult part is remembering to knockout the drain for the dishwasher and running an electric line (again, not difficult) if one does not already exist.

  12. Crackpot says:

    Wait a second… let me get this straight:

    The OP tried to complain about a customer service experience through the Home Depot web site, but instead of using their contact/feedback form, instead chose to use their product review form? The one intended for the product, but has NOTHING to do with the installation service?

    This is a non-story. The OP complained in the wrong place, and Home Depot removed the complaint because of that. The OP knows what to do: contact Home Depot directly. Why he’s choosing not to, and instead complaining that he isn’t being allowed to misuse their web site product feedback form is beyond me. Does he have a valid complaint? Sure. Is he submitting it correctly? Nope!

  13. Retired Again says:

    Home Depot was like my Toy Shop … I am in 50’s. No longer. Not very bright anymore. I discovered that not ONE employee knew how to have a toilet bowl with a lower actual (seat to water) water level.
    Argued with me that adjustment was in tank! NO NO NO The BOWL Level of the water is determined by the toilet DESIGN. The LOOP determines. So MEN that do not want a PROBLEM when they SIT need to BUY lower levels. You cannot adjust BOWL level. Found a LOEWs employee in plumbing just as dense. Now watch the replies I get. MOST will not even understand! I gave up on box stores two years ago.

    • Cat says:

      I hope that my balls don’t hang in the water when I get old.

      • cybrczch says:

        Two fishermen out at the lake early one morning both walk out onto the pier to take a leak.
        First fisherman: (unzips, then a moment of silence) Boy, water sure is cold out here this morning.
        Second fisherman: (unzips, then a second moment of silence) Yeah, and deep.

      • StarKillerX says:


        Oh cat, I do love your comments! lol!

      • George4478 says:

        The staple gun I used to raise by balls above water level gave me an infection. 1 star.

    • Billy says:

      None of this post made any sense.

    • podunkboy says:

      So, can you tell me why my toilet overflows every time I flush?

    • gparlett says:

      The way you wrote this it sounds like you used to own a toy store and were upset that none of your employees knew about toilets. Also since you wrote “Home Depot was like my Toy Shop … I am in 50’s. No longer.” instead of “I am in my 50’s and Home Depot was like my Toy Shop… No. longer.” It really sounds like you are no longer in your 50’s. Seriously I had to read that three times to even figure out half of what you meant.

  14. B* says:

    In other news, I ate a sandwich today and watched some TV.

  15. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    OK, it’s been a long day. When I first read the sentence explaining the problem, the first thing I thought was – since when did Home Depot get into the garbage business? How is a garbage man a service technician? I thought maybe he got one of those waste management giant bags or something and then got overbilled.

    Now that I understand, I think he should have addressed these issues separately, and not on the product review portion of the site. The technician’s failure to install the disposal has nothing to do with how it actually works. IMHO.

    Now, need to go get supper and maybe some more caffeine since I’m obviously past reading comprehension at this point.

  16. graytotoro says:

    Yeah, that’s fair. A bigger mystery is why isn’t Amazon implementing something like this. I get so sick and tired of sorting through 5-star textbook reviews because the book arrived on time and in great condition while the people who actually read the book rate it 1-star for being complete and utter crap.

  17. Scamazon says:

    So Home Depot appears to be the middleman that makes all the money, farms out the work to substandard shoddy contractors and wont back up its agreed on price? Go Figure… Sounds like a job for Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC fame to investigate. The bottom line is I have always had a problem with this middleman crap since my bad experience with HD…

    I cant talk personally about my experience as I had to sign a non disclosure agreement 10 years ago… (Oh wait, yeah I can, now…)

  18. DanKelley98 says:

    Why would Home Depot want this review on their website? That’s no way to “submit a complaint”……

  19. geetarz says:

    Right idea, wrong way of going about it.

    HD does have responsibility for the install as well – it is a service they sold. Vendors are tracked in terms of the surveys listed on the bottom of your receipt, in different categories, on a scale 1-10. There are internal metrics that installers must meet, or they quite simply won’t keep getting business from the store. A very low score on the customer survey will quite likely result in a phone call and resolution from the vendor.

    In other words (hope I am explaining this clearly), if you complain to Joe’s Plumbing, they might not really care, because at most they’ll lose just your business. If you complain to the proper people at HD, Joe’s Plumbing *will* care because they don’t want to lose hundreds of jobs that come from HD.

    Complaining on the website isn’t the correct venue, and in truth, it doesn’t fix the problem, it only mentions the symptom. Better to direct comments to the people who can take action to resolve the issue and help everyone down the road.

  20. amuro98 says:

    One website had a complaint form but the submit button was just an image. There was no way to submit your complaint via their webpage. If you tried just submitting the HTTP POST to their CGI script yourself, you simply got ‘internal sever error’. They really didn’t want to hear from you. Ever.