Hair Stylists Can Be Expert Skin Cancer Spotters

Of all the spots on the body skin cancer can develop, the top of the head is probably the toughest for you to scope out yourself. That’s where hair stylists come in, doubling as lesion detectors for customers. Researchers in Houston found that half the stylists surveyed had detected cancerous lesions on customers’ noggins.

MSNBC reports the study was led by a Harvard University School of Public Health lecturer who says regular hair appointments can double as cancer screenings:

“The scalp is not a place that people can easily look at on their own, and we don’t think a lot of physicians are looking for melanoma on the scalp. Most people make 10 visits or more a year to see their hair dressers and barbers and they tend to look more carefully for mold and legions on the scalp.”

The researchers hope to start formal screening programs that will help turn stylists into expert screeners who really earn those tips.

Surprising skin cancer spotter? Your hair stylist [MSNBC]

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