Large-Scale Expenditures That People Use To Judge You

You tell people a lot about yourself by the way you spend your money. And the larger the expenditure, the more analysis from others the purchase tends to draw.

Well Heeled Blog identifies some major purchases you make, and what your expenditures say about you:

*Weddings. Costs for the ludicrously self-centered parties can spin quickly out of control, and it’s tempting to cut extras such as open bars or sit-down dinners. It’s here that the yearning for frugality runs up against the need to seem generous.

*New cars. Bring home a shiny new ride and you can draw envy or scorn, and sometimes both at the same time. Frugal folks may think you’re an idiot for paying a new car premium rather than buying a comparable used car for far less. Buy something modest and others may feel bad for you, assuming that’s all you could afford.

*Clothes. By choosing what you wear, you’re not only expressing your taste but projecting an image and class rank you’d like to assume you’re a part of. If you’re always complaining about how poor you are but never wear the same pair of shoes in a week, people may see you as frivolous and undisciplined.

“I can’t believe they spend money on that…” – Expenses That Are Judged The Most [Well Heeled Blog]

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