Walmart Launching 3500 Store-Specific Facebook Pages To Promo Local Deals

The one major criticism I’ve always leveled at Walmart is that the chain is just too small. If they were really doing things right, all our cities would be enclosed and connected in one long continuous Walmart where all our desires can be met at everyday low prices. To edge closer to that utopia, Walmart is launching several new Facebook pages. 3,500 of them. Each is pegged to a specific local store and will serve up deals just for that store.

Direct Marketing News reports that Walmart is deploying to visitors to its main Facebook page a “My Local Walmart” app. You enter your ZIP, “Like” your nearest local Walmart, and then they start hitting you twice a week with deals just for that store.

It’s clearly a move to get into the same territory that Groupon and Living Social have been penetrating with their super-local focus. And I guess if you already like shopping at Walmart, and you don’t mind them getting access to your Facebook profile information for their giant data and marketing monster, this app is a digital way to find out about deals. But I don’t think they’re really taking full advantage of the Facebook platform. What they need is their own Farmville-style game where you earn more action points by redeeming coupons in the physical store and buying stuff.

Wal-Mart launches 3,500 Facebook pages to distribute local offers [Direct Marketing News] (Thanks to Random Hookup!)

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