168,000 Volkswagens Recalled Because Fuel Isn't Supposed To Leak

The volks at Volkswagen have issued a recall on a total of 168,275 Golf, Jetta and Audi A3 vehicles over concerns the fuel line could crack and leak, potentially causing an engine fire.

The specific models being recalled are model year 2009-1012 Jetta and Jetta Sportwagen cars with diesel engines and model year 2010-2012 Golf and Audi A3 vehicles with diesel engines.

According to NHTSA, the concern is that the fuel injection pulses could coincide with the natural frequency of one of the injector lines. Under certain conditions, this resonance could create stress that could result in cracking and fuel leaks.

To remedy the situation, Volkswagen will replace the fuel injector line and install vibration dampers.

Owners of recalled vehicles will begin receiving notices in November.

Recall Notice [DOT.gov]

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