Samsung Tries To Distance Itself From Worst Ad-Nominated TV Spot

Yesterday, we announced this year’s slate of nominees for the Worst Ad In America awards, and among the TV spots slugging it out for the title of Absolute Worst Ad is one that appears to be for the Samsung Infuse 4G… or so you might think.

The ad features a lunch-time freakout resulting from two diners mistaking the photo of a spider on the screen of the Samsung phone for the real thing. Much screaming and shoe-slamming ensues.

And for more than 27 seconds of the ad’s 31 second run time, the only brand mentioned is Samsung. It’s not until the last few seconds of the spot that it’s revealed that the Infuse 4G is available exclusively to AT&T customers.

But last night, a rep for Samsung wrote to Consumerist to issue a quick correction: “The Infuse 4G ad is actually AT&T’s commercial – not Samsung’s.”

While we’ve made the update on the polls, it does seem like this is the equivalent of bringing a jerk friend to a party and then not taking any of the blame when he acts like a jerk.

For those of you who hate your eardrums, here is the AT&T ad that just happens to be all about how great this particular Samsung phone is:

And if you haven’t already, here is your chance to vote in this category:

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