Disney To Run 3D Re-Release Idea Into Ground

Never afraid to exploit a good idea for all its worth and more, the studio that brought you Bambi II announced it will capitalize on the success of its 3D theatrical re-release of The Lion King by using its cattle prod to jolt four more golden geese back to life.

CNN’s Marquee Blog relays a Disney press release that says Beauty and the Beast is next up Jan. 13, followed by Finding Nemo Sept. 14. Then comes Monsters, Inc. Jan. 18, 2013 and The Little Mermaid Sept. 13, 2013.

The Lion King has hauled in $80 million so far in its 3D re-release, providing a flicker of life for what some considered to be a waning theatrical gimmick.

Disney to re-release four more films in 3-D [CNN Marquee Blog]

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