Are You Overpaying For Vitamins?

According to a recent study surveying over 60 different multivitamins, “there was almost no connection between price and quality.”

ConsumerLab ran the vitamins through the ringer and found numerous problems. One sample was contaminated with lead, others had less of the ingredients inside than listed on the label, and some had levels of vitamins and minerals exceeding the recommend daily dose. That could lead to harmful side effects.

Price was no guarantee of quality. Several of the most expensive multivitamins failed to pass the test, which included making sure they disintegrated properly. Cheaper didn’t mean better, either. Several of those failed as well.

To help pick the multivitamin that’s right for you and make sure you get a good deal, publishing pal Consumer Reports has put together this handy guide.

Also remember that the best source of vitamins is from normal food, like fruits and vegetables. Eat a healthy balanced diet and you’ll probably get exactly the nutrition you’ll need.


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