Security Vulnerability Exposes HTC Smartphone Users' Info

HTC makes some powerful Android smartphones, but owners will have to replace their smug senses of superiority with worries about their personal data. A security vulnerability in recent updates to several HTC phones, including the Evo 3D and Thunderbolt, includes logging tools that potentially allow outsiders to get a hold of GPS, encoded text message data, email addresses and other info for those who use the phones.

Android Police speculates that it’s possible for hackers to use some of the data they mine to clone peoples’ phones, thus making it possible for fraudsters to run up fees and stick victims with the cost.

Check out the source link for an extensive look at what sort of information is at risk.

Massive Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices (EVO 3D, 4G, Thunderbolt, Others) Exposes Phone Numbers, GPS, SMS, Email Addresses, Much More [Android Police via Ars Technica]

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