Nasal Spray Gives Hope To Alzheimer's Patients

Researchers have found the daily dose of an insulin nasal spray may hinder the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. A four-month study in Seattle found that the treatment improved memory and protected cognition and functional abilities of patients.

NBC News reports the drug will next be tested in a larger, longer-term study, and won’t be publicly available for at least several years. The spray may make up for either an insulin deficiency or failure to process insulin in Alzheimer’s victims.

Medicine has been largely ineffective at battling Alzheimer’s, and the spray represents a potential breakthrough. It’s too early to claim victory, though, says the clinical trials coordinator of the National Institute on Aging, who says that larger studies often fail to replicate the results of smaller trials.

Insulin nasal spray may slow Alzheimer’s [NBC News]

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