Apple Injunction Forces Samsung To Pull Tablet From Trade Show

Apple scored a hit against Samsung in their battle for tablet computer dominance after they won an injunction blocking sales of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany. Samsung then had to remove the Galaxy Tab from a big electronics show.

The New York Times reports that Samsung won’t be showing off their tablet at the IFA conference, as this most recent injunction issued out of a court in Düsseldorf, Germany prevents the sale or marketing of the product.

Samsung’s James Chung said they respect the court’s decision, but that the company believes the ruling “severely limits consumer choice in Germany.”

The two companies have been embroiled in tiffs over the Galaxy Tab as Apple claims Samsung copied their iPhone and iPad with their Galaxy devices. Right now, Apple holds about a 69 percent share in the tablet market compared to Samsung’s 16 percent.

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Samsung Removes Tablet Computer From Show After Injunction [New York Times]

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