Amazon Testing Locker System That Lets You Pick Up Package At 7-11

For some of us with day jobs, especially those of us in cities, getting a delivery from Amazon can be a bit of a pain. You can’t have the delivery driver leave the package outside, which means you wait in line at the post office or UPS or FedEx depot to pick it up. But according to reports, Amazon is about set to test a new system that would deliver packages to a locker inside your local 7-11 store.

The Daily was the first to report on the news, saying that a prototype had been installed at a 7-11 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood:

When the package is actually delivered, the customer receives an email notification along with a bar code to his smartphone and heads to the 7-Eleven. There he’ll stand in front of the locker system, which looks like the offspring between an ATM machine and a safety deposit box. The machine will scan the bar code on his handset to receive a PIN number. He’ll punch that PIN number and retrieve the package.

A writer over at GeekWire used his day off on Monday to hunt down the store and see it for himself. He estimated that the wall of lockers contained around 40 different compartments, though there was no specific Amazon branding to be seen. A store employee said the system is supposed to be turned on this coming Friday.

If the tests are successful, you could start seeing Amazon lockers at your 7-11 as early as next summer.

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Photos: A look at Amazon’s new delivery locker at 7-Eleven [GeekWire]

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