Teen Freed From Coke Machine He Tried To Steal From

The recession continues to inspire people to do stupid crap to avoid paying money. This week’s case in point, the teen who got stuck in a Coke machine after he tried to get a free can of soda.

Have you ever wondered if Coca-Cola machines were “hackable?” That if you just jigged your hand up in there the right way you might get a free soda? Probably not, if you’ve ever seen someone restocking one and seen how the mechanism works. One teen tried his luck and ended up having to be freed by the fire department with “specialist tools” after getting his whole arm stuck up the soda slot.

Stuff.co.nz reports that this week a teen was “extricated” from the jaws of the Coca-Cola machine after he unsuccessfully tried to steal a can of Coke. A local resident who watched the rescue process said that it involved two fire trucks an an ambulance.

“In between it all we’ve got two rubbish trucks trying to load bins in the street. It was classic, because who arrived next? The Coca-Cola truck,” he told stuff.co.nz.

He added,”I feel sorry for the boy, but you’ve got to laugh.”

So much for “opening happiness.” Sorry kid, no global recession is worth getting your arm stuck in the clamps of giant, unfeeling, metal monster.

Auckland teenager freed from vending machine [Stuff.co.nz] (Thanks to Gareth!)

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