The 5 Best & Worst U.S. Cities For ATM Fees

Though you won’t find any part of the country where residents don’t gripe and grouse about ATM fees, the results of a new survey show exactly which cities have the most (and least) to complain about.

As part of’s annual Checking Account Survey, it looked at the average ATM fees at various cities around the country and then listed the five cities with the highest average fees and the five cities with the lowest.

Keeping in mind that BankRate says the national average for ATM fees is $2.40, here are the lists:

Cleveland: $2.06
Minneapolis: $2.15
Tampa: $2.19
Chicago: $2.20
Cincinnati: $2.20

Denver: $2.75
San Diego: $2.70
Houston: $2.69
Seattle: $2.63
New York: $2.60

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