Brass Thieves Stripping Chicago Fire Hydrants

Underneath the cap on many fire hydrants is a brass ring called the “port ring.” Firemen need it to connect fire hoses to the hydrants. But metal thieves in Chicago are popping open hydrants, prying off the ring, and selling it to scrap buyers for $15 a pop. If another cow kicks over a lantern there, having a city full of stripped fire hydrants could be deadly.

Residents tell CBS Chicago that they’ve made complaints about the thefts, which can be especially dangerous on blocks that are completely stripped, to City Hall. But it was only after the local media started asking questions did city crews start going out to make the repairs in earnest.

Disgusting. The way to shut this down is go after the scrap buyers. The rings only come from fire hydrants. Any scrap buyer should know where these rings are coming from and should refuse to buy them. If any rings are found on their lot, they should lose their license immediately.

Criminals Target Fire Hydrants [CBS Chicago]

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