Facebook Thinks You Should Stop Making Friends

Kevin has had his Facebook account for quite a few years, but decided to poke around and go on a friending spree to make it easier to make contacts and find a new job. That’s how he learned the hard way that while Facebook wants you to connect with people, they don’t really want you to connect with so many of them that you look like a spambot.

Kevin fumed in an e-mail to Consumerist:

Apparently FACEBOOK will ban one from adding ANY friends if ones uses FACEBOOK’s own tools to find and add friends or friends of friends in a short period of time.

Let’s be frank, we all know that Facebook, like Myspace the predecessor is nothing more than a friend popularity contest. While logged onto Facebook a couple of nights ago, I decided to take them up on their ad of “People you may know”. I added about 100 people who knew at minimum 25 or more people that I was already friends with. I did this because I am currently, like many people, unemployed, and I am trying to expand my contacts in order to potentially obtain a gainful full time permanent position in I.T. of which I have over 22 years experience.

Today I logged onto Facebook, and again their ad tools pops up with “people you may know”. I figured I would traverse, and add more friends to my profile. However, now whenever I try to add anyone as a friend, I am presented with a message that prohibits me from adding any more friends. I have been a Facebook member for about 4 or 5 years. I am appalled and astounded by this. Of course there is NO WAY to contact a REAL person at Facebook.

It’s possible That one of these people Kevin added reported him to Facebook, even if the odds are pretty good that you’ve crossed paths over the years. Wanting to make some mutual friends, however, doesn’t make one a spambot. Right?

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