T-Mobile Keeps Charging My Debit Card Even After I Close Account

Image courtesy of (Cool_colonial4711)

Consumerist reader Jennifer tried to quit T-Mobile, but the company just won’t quit taking money out of her checking account.

Writes Jen:

I had cancelled my contract with T-Mobile and, as expected, received a bill for the $200 early contract termination fee and the remainder of my previous month’s bill. A total of $319.

I could not afford to pay that fee in full and T-Mobile would not work with me on a payment plan so I set up a repayment plan with a third party company and notified T-Mobile of this.

Even though T-Mobile had this information they still charged my account using my auto-pay information from when it was active to deduct $319 from my checking account without my consent. I then had to call and speak with a manager to get it refunded (which takes another 2 or more business days) the manager assured me it wouldn’t happen again.

Recently, T-Mobile again used my credit card information to take out the $319. I again had to call and speak with another manager to get it refunded.

I had cancelled my account due to unethical business practices and extremely bad customer service only to continue dealing with it after the cancellation. I have again been told that my debit card number has been removed from the account.

This is a prime example of why you should think twice before signing up for payments that deduct straight from your checking account. It’s convenient, but it creates an easy way for your wireless provider to collect debts, even when they aren’t supposed to.

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