Christmas Creep Pops Up Down Under

Even though Australia feels so very far away for must of us in the U.S. (kangaroos!) Christmas Creep exists even Down Under, where, as our reader Natalie notes, it’s about 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 hot hot degrees, at Christmas.

Natalie W. writes of an unsettling example of CC occurring in West Perth, when she and a pal went searching for Halloween decorations. She snapped a pic of the Santa decorations lining up for early snatching.

I was surprised to find that David Jones (an expensive department store) had lots of Christmas decorations already in the window for sale.

Seeing as it’s only the 17th of September, I think it’s a bit early. I’ve never seen Christmas stuff this early in Perth. It always kind of annoys me that there are lots of snow related items when it’s always about 40 degrees Celsius at Christmas.

Hard to imagine getting snowy-minded in that kind of thermometer-busting weather, but we are not going to let heat stroke be an excuse for stores to start selling Christmas goodies three months early. Watch it, Australia! You’re on Christmas Creep notice.


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