NFL: All 16.6 Million Ticket-Holders Should Receive Additional Frisking Before Entering Stadium

In the NFL, an illegal touching penalty will set your team back five yards. But the league has absolutely no problem with telling all 32 of its franchises that every fan should be frisked from the ankles-to-knees and then again from the waist up.

Until now, security guards at stadiums would only do the standard waist-up frisk, but the NFL is taking some cues from the TSA and introducing an “enhanced” pat-down, all in the name of tighter security.

A rep for the league explains to USA Today:

The enhanced security procedures recommended by our office before the start of the season will further increase the safety of fans but will require some additional time… We encourage fans to come early, enjoy their tailgating tradition, and be patient as they enter the stadium.

Last Sunday night, some idiot at the Jets/Cowboys game was arrested for Tasing a fellow fan, so it’s understandable that the NFL would have some security concerns, but what’s to stop someone from sneaking in contraband stashed from the knees to waist? I don’t know about you, but my green and white Zubaz are quite roomy.

NFL wants all fans frisked from ankles up in 2011 [USA Today]

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