Personal Finance Roundup

5 ways to get rich…or poor [MSN Money] “It comes down to several factors, such as marriage, homeownership and college education, as well as the choices you make.”

5 Surefire Ways to NOT Get the Job You Want [US News] “Here are some mistakes to avoid.”

Financial Confession – I Sold My Hair [Budgeting in the Fun Stuff] “Most hair is usually sold for $30 or more an ounce.”

The Rise of Tattoo Remorse: Heavy Cost to Erase What’s Often an Impulse Decision [Moneyland] “The [removal] procedure will wind up being far more painful and way more expensive ($3,600!) than when you got tattooed in the first place.”

For Investors On the Go, the Best Apps [Smart Money] “More people are checking their brokerage accounts via smartphones. The best for speed, trading, data and more.”