RadioShack Manager Promises To Replace Broken HTC Phone, Changes Mind Because He Didn't Put It In Writing


Consumerist reader says he’s gotten the shaft from the folks at The Shack after a RadioShack manager promised him the store would replace his broken HTC Evo 3D, only to change his mind after David had wiped all his important data from the phone and brought it to the store to be exchanged.

Writes David:

I have an Evo 3D, which I purchased from Radio Shack, and last week the glass over the rear camera broke due to a manufacturer’s defect. On Sept. 1, I drove to the location I purchased the phone from and spoke with the store manager. He said he’d call the district manager (Mr. W.) and get back to me the next day about whether or not he’d allow me to exchange the defective phone for a new one.

The next day, I received a call saying that the district manager had agreed to the exchange. So I left work early to make it to the store. While going through the process of the exchange the sales person excused herself to call the district manager. The phone was handed to the store’s manager, and after a few minutes the store manager told me that the district manager had changed his mind and he would no longer allow the exchange. At this point I had already wiped the data from my phone, and left work early to make it out to the store, so naturally I was livid. I then called and left a message with Mr. W’s office explaining this.

After waiting through the long weekend, I tried to call Mr. W’s office again on Sept. 6. After a day of Mr. W not returning my calls, I finally reached him (only because he happened to answer the phone instead of his secretary), and he made no apologies for his mistake. He even acted as if promising to do me a favor is just as good as doing the favor itself, like I should be grateful for his initial promise and ignore that he rescinded it.

Mr. W said that because he didn’t put his agreement in writing, that he doesn’t have to hold himself to it, suggesting that Radio Shack does not hold itself to its word. He also said that he wouldn’t risk his job to do his job and resolve the problem.

I’m outraged that Mr. W would have the nerve to say these things to me. Eventually I asked Mr. W who can help me, and he gave me the name of his regional manager, Mr. S.

I’ve now spent all day on Sept. 7 and 8 trying to get through to Mr. S. I’ve left messages both with the office’s answering machine and the secretary (who has been very nice, and even called me today to see if Mr. S had contacted me yet). However every time the secretary tells me that Mr. S should be free, he isn’t around and doesn’t call me back.

On Sept. 7, I also sent a tweet to @RadioShack about my problem, and was instructed to email I received a response later that day saying that someone would look into it, but I’ve heard nothing since then.

David, who says he and his family have been dedicated Shack shoppers until this incident, is planning to send off an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb with his concerns. We will update if he gets any sort of noteworthy response from the company.

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