VIP Airline Treatment For Sale

If you’ve ever said, man, I would pay good money to go to the front of this airport security line, your time has come.

Airlines are increasingly offering services that used to be reserved for VIPs and celebrities to the common folk, for a price.

NYT reports that American Airlines sells a $200 per couple Five Star Service program where you’re greeted at the curb, get you and your luggage checked in right there, get breezed through security, plopped in a relaxing lounge, and then allowed to board at the same time as first-class passengers. Another $200 and that couple will get help during their flight connection. And for $200 yet more you will get helped through customs and baggage claim. For an individual the same services are $120 a pop.

American Airlines isn’t alone. JetBlue has “Even More Speed” which gives you a spot in a faster security line and more legroom for $10-$75, depending on the flight. United sells expedited security line access and preboarding for $9, and door-to-door baggage delivery for $79-$99.

With airlines looking for any way to increase revenue, it’s not a bad idea. For travelers willing to pay the price, it gives the option to have a less stressful airport experience. Just as long as it doesn’t get too popular and the “expedited” lines end up being longer than the regular ones.

Elite for a Day, in Coach, for a Fee [NYT]

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