The All-In-One Virus Removal, Website Design, VHS To DVD, Tanning Salon

In these uncertain days and times, it’s important for businesses to diversify and build new streams of revenue.

Companies need to be creative and brainstorm ways to leverage their existing resources into new markets, even ones that might seem counterintuitive, or appear ancillary to their core business model. Pride should not be the culprit for letting a dollar slip through the cracks.

Which is why Riviera Tan is a model for what it takes to survive in this dire economic climate. Not only can you get your body artificially bronzed, you can have a virus removed, a website designed, and a VHS tape transferred to a DVD. Presumably all this can occur while you tan. Now that’s innovation! And as an added bonus, if you act now, you can pet the eyeless dog for free!

(Thanks to Knah!)

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