I Decline Credit Card, Brooks Brothers Signs Me Up Anyway

You might think that Brooks Brothers would be a classy establishment. Maybe it is fashion-wise, but Not when it comes to meeting quotas for signing customers up for credit cards, apparently.

Cameron writes:

I signed up for a ‘Brooks’ card, essentially an in-store only line of credit that has a rewards program attached to it. They pressured me to get the ‘other’ type of Brooks card – the one that’s actually a credit card – and I naturally declined tacking on a retail-oriented line of credit. Long story short, they went ahead and signed me up for the credit card card. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but when I received the card in the mail I immediately called and cancelled. They got to ping the credit bureau, open a line of credit without my permission, and then the operator had the gaul to tell me that ‘the rewards are better with the credit card anyway’.