Trying To Order Replacement Part For Logitech Keyboard Gets Me Brand New Keyboard For Free

Consumerist reader Jack was packing up his stuff to go home for summer break when he realized that the receiver for his Logitech wireless keyboard had gone missing among the boxes of stuff in his dorm. After writing Logitech to find out how much he would have to pay to get a replacement part, he got the surprising news.

Here it is in Jack’s own words:

I received a response in just two days. After profusely apologizing that Logitech no longer manufacturers my keyboard model, my customer care representative offers to ship me a BRAND NEW keyboard — at no cost whatsoever!

I was very impressed by the customer service that Logitech provides, and in the future, I will go out of my way to purchase Logitech products.

Anyone else out there with memorable (good or bad) Logitech customer service experiences to share?

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