Figure Out Which Model This Maytag Oven Is

Timothy, as he describes it, is in a pickle. His Maytag oven started flashing “F5” and turning itself off whenever he turned it on. When the Maytag guy came over, he couldn’t figure out which model number it was and so he couldn’t repair it. “He asked for $130 for this useful piece of service, which I refused,” writes Timothy. Can you, dear Consumerist reader, identify which model this Maytag oven is? UPDATE: 13 minutes later, one reader thinks she has the answer.

UPDATE: Superstar commenter catastrophegirl thinks it might be the Maytag 24″ Gas Wall Oven CWG3100AAB.

With that information, Timothy will be able to get his oven fixed so he can make things like cakes and roast chickens. Hopefully he will also give it a nice cleaning so it doesn’t scare away any more repair guys either.

A Google search says that the F5 error code might mean there is a “watchdog and hardware conflict” and the oven’s clock or electronic range control might need to be replaced.

Got any ideas?

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