American Apparel Looking For "Next Big Thing" To Model XL Size

We’re sure American Apparel is just trying to be ever-so-adorable by making a play on the phrase “next big thing,” it’s not exactly cute to call someone a ” big thing” when you’re searching for a model to show off XL sizes of clothing.

As Jezebel points out, the clothing retailer that favors scantily clad, sour-faced little young things to model its clothing is introducing their first ever XL sizes. Great news, if you need a normal size (around 12-14) and don’t happen to be tiny enough to fit into a large pair of gold lame hot pants.

Their site announces the size addition, as well as advertising for the aforementioned “big thing” and showing off submissions they’ve already received.

The call for models reads: “Think you’re bigger, better and more booty-ful than the rest? Submit a recent photo of your face and physique for a chance to be our Next BIG Thing.”

Make sure you are wearing leg warmers and frowning in your submission photo. Just a hint from us to you.

American Apparel Introduces Size XL, Holds Search For Booty-Ful Models [Jezebel]

The Next Big Thing [American Apparel]

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