Swanky Brooklyn Hotel Jacked Up Room Rates To $999 For Irene Shelter Seekers

As Hurricane Irene bore down on Brooklyn, the posh Hotel Le Bleu in Park Slope raised up its rates from $250 a night to $999.

An unnamed employee told New York Daily News, “It was just because of high demand…a lot of hotels did that.”

However, the comparable Fairfield Inn & Suites 10 blocks away did not change its room rates during the storm from the usual $240 a night.

A Hotel Le Bleu employee told the New York Daily News, “If you can pay, then it’s on you…There was a lady that booked two nights at that rate.”

Pure supply and demand. However, if word of Le Bleu’s less than charitable Hurricane exploiting gets around it may decrease demand for their rooms, as well as the supply of guests coming in.

Brooklyn’s posh Hotel Le Bleu squeezed Irene shelter seekers for $999 per room [New York Daily News]

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